Block Printing Class in April

photo 2

Every month or so, I teach Intro to Block Printing at Sew L.A. In this class, we carve potatoes as blocks and print onto fabric. I love being around other creative and crafty folks, and I often feel that I leave the class having learned just as much from the students as I hope they have learned. I’m also lucky enough to be able to play around with printing during these classes.

These two photos are my results after last week’s class. It’s really fun to play with ghosting (using the block multiple times after having inked only before the first application to the fabric). It creates some really beautiful texturing and layering effects. Yay!

photo 1

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  1. Malliga says:

    Dear creative

    Wonderful idea. will do. Thanks for the spark. also an art teacher THANKS mal-lu

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