The Post With The Most…. Love!

Welp, it’s been awhile! I have been doing a lot of introspection lately, and inner healing/work. It has been both joyful and terrifying! I thought I might start posting some musings, quips, insights, or silly things that come into my mind and/or world.


I went to New Mexico with Rachel last weekend. It was relaxing, inspiring and soul warming. Her Uncle Louis is a charming fellow: a talented ceramic artist and teacher, a kind soul and an excellent host. He is generous, creative, down to earth and the sparkle in his eye hinted to a note of delightful mischief. Rachel and I met up with Annie and Shing and visited Meow Wolf, which was a delightful treat for the eyes, ears and psyche! It was really refreshing and inspiring to be around extremely creative and artistic friends. I realized how I miss that kind of community and wonder how I can cultivate that in Eugene? I miss making art and being whimsical and living out loud! We ate great food (green chiles anyone!?), visited Santa Fe and overall just enjoyed being there in the desert. And… sunshine! Here is a photo from Tent Rocks, and a musing from the trip. And some dog kisses!!

ll the “happiness”, creativity, meaning, inspiration, purpose is already within you. We seek it without, in other things, people, places, jobs, paths. It’s right here. It’s right where you stand, sit , lie. Stand, sit or lie in your own power. Know your inner landscape is rich with love, openness, creativity, color, compassion, wholeness. From this wholeness comes a wholehearted life. Go inward so you can live outward with your whole fucking heart. Love Loudly. You Are Beautiful. – HH, 4/8/17




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Achieving Goals & Defining Passions


When 2012 became 2013, I made some physical goals for the upcoming year. 1: to do an armstand (via yoga) without assistance; 2: to lead The Guillotine (a climbing route at Echo Cliffs) without falling; 3: to alternate lead in multi-pitch trad climbing.

I’m pleased as pickles to report that I achieved all three goals as of July 2013!

I’m still working on stability and stamina in armstands, handstands and headstands, but I can hold myself up with no assistance for a stint. It feels so wonderful. The photo above is me doing a simple tripod headstand, one of the easier inversions on my path towards a stronger core and more challenging poses.

In July and again today, I led The Guillotine without resting on the rope. I felt giddy with accomplishment and delight after both successful leads. Here is a photo of me on the route last year, and a photo from today’s sunny journey to Echo Cliffs.



A few months ago I went to the ever-awesome Tahquitz, a wonderful multi-pitch trad climbing area. I successfully led a few pitches on our route. My friend and climbing partner that day, Casey, always has an encouraging, confidence-enducing way of suggesting that I try things in climbing that I’m initially hesitant about about. It fosters growth in me, and I appreciate that. Here is a photograph of Casey and Andrew atop Tahquitz earlier this year:


I truly believe that achieving all three of my physical goals was due in large part to my recent dedicated yoga practice.

Several months ago, I started practicing yoga every Friday at a class with an empowering and energetic teacher, Petra. I always left her classes feeling more grounded and centered, stronger in mind, spirit and body, and with more peacefulness in my being. Fridays were always good days.

A few months into that weekly practice, Petra invited me to a Swiss meetup (though I am not Swiss). At that event we got to chat beyond the yoga studio. Petra asked me about my passion. For her, it was yoga. For me, I didn’t have an answer. I don’t know if not having an answer was because of my tendency to be indecisive, or because of fears: fear of labeling myself with “just one thing”; fear of putting my eggs in one box and potentially failing at it; or maybe the fear of starting down a path and realizing it wasn’t a passion of mine after all, and having to start over. Fear.

Feeling, finding or defining “my passion” has been a continual struggle for me. I love doing lots of different things: art, photography and making things; nutrition, health and making food; fitness, yoga, hiking and climbing; helping people, teaching and empowering others; feeling like a successful freelance designer… But, what is “my passion”?

I believe that a person can have multiple passions and that those passions may change over time, as humans DO change over time. We grow, are introduced to new things, meet new people, feel differently from day to day. So answering the question “What is your passion?” doesn’t necessarily mean sealing yourself into only one box. It doesn’t mean that your answer needs to be final and absolute. Perhaps defining one’s passion can simply mean that right here, right now, this thing, whatever it may be, feels really good to do, and it feels good to pursue it. And if it changes some day, or not, just maybe that is okay.

So at the Swiss event, the seed was planted that perhaps yoga was something I wanted to pursue at a greater depth. I knew I felt so wonderful and centered after every class, why wouldn’t I want to feel that wonderful more often? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a greater understanding of yoga, from poses and alignment to the history and spiritual side of it? And, what about helping other people to feel that sense of empowerment and wellness through yoga? Did I want to teach yoga??

A few months ago I started a daily yoga practice at Namaste Highland Park. And a few weeks into practicing daily, I knew I had found a passion. I felt more mindful, more conscious in my day to day, more centered and balanced, lean and limber, empowered and with more confidence. I felt connected to something greater, and thereby more connected to myself. I felt excited about going to class every day. I felt excited about how both my body and mind grew as the compounding effect of daily practice set in. I felt bliss.

I started receiving positive feedback from teachers, friends, family. I felt positivity all around me. The Universe said yes.

And I say yes. Yes, yoga IS something I want to pursue. Yes, yoga IS a passion of mine.

Yes, Hollye. Yes, Universe. Let’s do this.



A Weekend at Tahquitz

photo 1

This weekend, Andrew and I made the trek to Idyllwild for some climbing and camping fun. We got to the area on Saturday afternoon, set up camp, got a two-pitch climb in at Suicide Rock, nuzzled by the campfire and slept really well that night, and spent all of Sunday climbing and exploring the rocks at Tahquitz. It was truly a wonderful weekend in the SoCal outdoors.

photo 2

photo 3


A Journey into the High Sierras

Last weekend we went on a journey into the High Sierras. Our mission was to hike the North Fork of Big Pine Creek towards Sam Mack Meadow. We expected low temperatures, potential snowfall, and lots of fun. Fortunately, we got all three!

The first day started with wonderful warm sunshine. Mid-day, the weather turned into light rain and snowfall. And on the second day, we awoke to a beautiful blanket of freshly fallen snow. It was a wonderful respite from SoCal’s rising temperatures.
















A Dear Friend & Car Trouble

photo 3

My dear friend Kasey will soon be departing for a year-long* intercontinental journey. This past weekend, I drove out to Arizona to visit with her. I decided to leave Los Angeles in the late evening, which would mean driving into the wee hours of the morning. At about 2am, with one hour of driving left until my destination, my car decided to putz out and overheat. I was very lucky that I hadn’t yet entered the mountain pass, where cell phone service would have been nonexistent. Kasey so kindly picked me up and we drove the hour-long stint back to get a few hours of shuteye.

The next morning, we awoke and set out with coolant, water, duct tape, and some tools. The night before, I had noticed the coolant was low, but the car started just fine. We were hoping that refilling the coolant would be enough to get it through the one hour drive to our destination. We made it 5-10 miles and stopped for lunch at a diner in a tiny highway town (hamburgers, yes please). After lunch, the following 30 miles proved to be a patience-testing game of driving as far as possible before the temperature gauge got into the red, stopping, letting it cool, and setting off again to go far as we could. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The lure of calling AAA for a tow was great, but lack of phone service prevented us from doing so.

photo 1

40 miles and some-odd hours later, we made it to our destination. Because it was a Sunday in the early evening, no mechanics were open. We opted to park my car for the evening and go on a much needed hike. I felt such sweet relief to have the car close by, and hopeful that it would only require a minor fix.

Monday morning, we dropped the car off at the mechanics and decided to explore some of the outdoorsy things nearby: rock hopping; rock climbing; river hiking; frozen yogurt; movie night. And the next day: yoga; meeting new friends; hiking & rock climbing; hamburgers; root beer floats.

In terms of the car, after a series of phone calls spanning the two days of waiting, at long last the mechanic is fixing the car as I type. I’m crossing all of my applicable appendages that I’ll be able to make it home tonight.

There are far, far worse places to have a car breakdown. There are far, far worse stories to be told. It’s felt so wonderful—and I feel so thankful—to be able to see my dear friend, get out of town, and just be.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 5


*or as the open road softly—or loudly—calls her.