A Wonderful Detox and Reboot

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I’m approaching day 15 of a detox/reboot plan by Ani Phyo. I must say, it has been a life changing experiment. After 14 days of eating raw vegan food, I feel lighter, cleaner, leaner, more energized and stable, empowered, and happier. I feel more conscious of my choices, more enlightened about my well being, more inspired and (I hope) inspirational to my friends… and just downright good about the way I’ve been living.

I finally feel like my ideal self in many ways. And it feels so wonderful.

As I approach the final day of the plan, I ponder how my interaction with food will be in the coming times. I’m not sure that 100% raw vegan is the path for me, but it’s definitely something I want to keep incorporating into my life. I’m going to continue to abstain from meat consumption (vegetarian), while leaning heavily towards a no-animal-products (vegan) lifestyle. I’m excited for what I’ve learned and for what’s to come!

Here are some photos of a few of the delicious dishes I’ve eaten. Yum!

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