Labeling and Feeling Good

It has been one month since I started my raw food experiment, and I’m still 90% on the path of eating raw vegan food. I’ve been thinking about how to describe how I’ve been eating to other people, and it’s been a conundrum. I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a vegan. Or a raw foodist. Or a vegetarian. Or a flexitarian. Or… anything, really. I feel comfortable eating fresh, whole foods that make me feel good. These days, that has meant mostly plants, nuts and seeds. I’ve abstained from wheat, refined sugar, and nearly all grains. But we are changing creatures, and maybe soon I’ll feel the need to add kamut or an egg to my day. Or, a lovely piece of sprouted bread smothered in a delicious pâté.

I stumbled upon this blog post, and its content resonated with me:

“Living a healthy, happy life should be about eating whole, fresh foods that make your body feel energized and good — and it shouldn’t be about what we call it… I have always felt strongly that this blog is a place to talk about seasonal, delicious food and healthy living and I wanted our blog community to be a welcoming space open to anyone curious about eating better — regardless of what they ate or how they labeled their diet. I believe that food and what we eat is an entirely personal choice. And, as I mentioned last week, I feel strongly that there is not one diet or one way of eating that works for everyone because each of our bodies are different…”

Here’s to feeling good, however it works for you.

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