Reunited with Watercolors


While living in New York City, I created a series of watercolors with the goal to create one per day, every day. I fell in love with watercolor paints: their propensity towards freedom; the challenge of controlling where the pigment traveled; the beauty in the flow. When I moved to Los Angeles, my daily interactions with watercolors ended, and the tubes found a home in a box labeled Misc Art Supplies, right next to a box labeled Christmas Decorations.

A few weeks ago my dear friend Rachel invited me to an open drawing session at her home. We ended up spending a few hours in front of a basket full of succulents in the nearby community garden. Rachel had a truly lovely (and truly tiny) set of watercolor paints on hand. I began to dabble with them, first in mild trepidation, but soon with utter joy and the memory of how wonderful they are to work with.

I returned home after our drawing session, unearthed my tubes of watercolor paints from the recess of storage, dusted off my paint brushes and hunkered down. This is the result.


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  1. You should do this more often, talented!

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