The Post With The Most…. Love!

Welp, it’s been awhile! I have been doing a lot of introspection lately, and inner healing/work. It has been both joyful and terrifying! I thought I might start posting some musings, quips, insights, or silly things that come into my mind and/or world.


I went to New Mexico with Rachel last weekend. It was relaxing, inspiring and soul warming. Her Uncle Louis is a charming fellow: a talented ceramic artist and teacher, a kind soul and an excellent host. He is generous, creative, down to earth and the sparkle in his eye hinted to a note of delightful mischief. Rachel and I met up with Annie and Shing and visited Meow Wolf, which was a delightful treat for the eyes, ears and psyche! It was really refreshing and inspiring to be around extremely creative and artistic friends. I realized how I miss that kind of community and wonder how I can cultivate that in Eugene? I miss making art and being whimsical and living out loud! We ate great food (green chiles anyone!?), visited Santa Fe and overall just enjoyed being there in the desert. And… sunshine! Here is a photo from Tent Rocks, and a musing from the trip. And some dog kisses!!

ll the “happiness”, creativity, meaning, inspiration, purpose is already within you. We seek it without, in other things, people, places, jobs, paths. It’s right here. It’s right where you stand, sit , lie. Stand, sit or lie in your own power. Know your inner landscape is rich with love, openness, creativity, color, compassion, wholeness. From this wholeness comes a wholehearted life. Go inward so you can live outward with your whole fucking heart. Love Loudly. You Are Beautiful. – HH, 4/8/17




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