When Feeling Really Full Feels Really Good


Most often, feeling really full feels pretty bad.

I am certainly a culprit of overeating, more often than I’d like to admit. When I eat too much, I feel heavy, sluggish, and usually “guilty” for the over-consumption, perceived mindlessness and lack of discipline.

However, I was in the car the other day and it struck me that I felt really full… in a good way. I felt so full, I wanted to pop. The fullness didn’t come from consumption of food, it came from taking a breath–a gentle pause–and realizing the many things that I am thankful for: so many wonderful people, creatures and things in my life; my body and health; the ability and opportunity to explore; authenticity; growth; change… and, you.

You, just the way you are.

The world can be harsh. Reality can really suck. People can do terrible things. Nature can wreak havoc.

But there is so much space for love, kindness and compassion. There is always a capacity to reach out. To listen. To smile. To hug. To uplift. To give. And, to receive.

So today, let us pause for a moment and remember all of the good things that fill us. Let us smile a little bit brighter, laugh a little bit longer, and… love loudly.


2 Responses to “When Feeling Really Full Feels Really Good”

  1. N says:

    It all sounds good; But how is it really?

  2. Hollye says:

    Really quite great.

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